STRX Finance is a staking protocol that allows TRX holders to earn higher yields than traditional staking or freezing methods. By staking TRX, users receive SFI tokens, which represent their share of the rewards generated by the STRX Finance pool through renting out energy and bandwidth. The SFI token's liquid staking mechanism also allows users to earn even higher yields by providing liquidity to the STRX Finance ecosystem.

STRX Finance is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and transparency. To ensure this, the platform has undergone thorough audits by Techrate and Grox Solutions. With a focus on user experience and community development, STRX Finance is well-positioned to become a leading staking platform on the TRON blockchain.

We hope that this documentation has provided a clear understanding of the STRX.FINANCE protocol and its benefits. Thank you for choosing STRX.FINANCE for your staking needs!

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