STRX Finance is a decentralized protocol built on the TRON blockchain that allows users to earn a yield on their TRX by staking it in a pool and receiving SFI tokens in return.

What is SFI?

SFI is the Staked TRON token by STRX FINANCE, a TRC-20 token that is issued to users in proportion to the amount of TRX they have staked in the protocol. SFI is fully backed by the reserves of TRX in the Staking Pool contract.

How does STRX.FINANCE work?

When users stake their TRX on STRX FINANCE, they receive SFI tokens in return. The value of the SFI token is tied to the amount of TRX in the staking pool, so as the pool grows, the price of SFI increases as well.

STRX.FINANCE uses the staked TRX to freeze the tokens, rent out their bandwidth and energy, and vote for TRON Super Representatives (SRs). The rental and voting income generated by these activities is then distributed to the staking pool, which in turn increases the exchange rate of SFI and rewards SFI token holders.

Users can manage their staked TRX and SFI tokens through the StakingPool contract. This contract allows them to stake, unstake, and claim their rewards, as well as view the current exchange rate and other key metrics. The StakingPool contract also ensures that the value of SFI is accurately reflected in the exchange rate, and that rewards are distributed fairly to all users.

What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking protocols allow users to earn staking rewards without locking assets or maintaining staking infrastructure. Users can deposit tokens and receive tradable liquid tokens in return.

Is there a fee for the service provided by STRX.FINANCE?

For the first three months, STRX.FINANCE does not charge any fees for TRX Liquid Staking. The upcomping fees of 10% from rewards only, is intended to assist with the long-term expansion of the STRX ecosystem through development activities such as hackathons, awards, bug bounties, and so on.

What is the value of my 1 SFI?

The value of 1 SFI grows over time as it earns staking incentives and rental income. This is because the STRX Protocol follows a cToken model, with its value changing based on the quantity of underlying TRX. Users who stake/unstake on the STRX.FINANCE protocol are charged the current exchange rate, which is displayed on the app's user interface.

Can I unstake SFI any time?

Yes, you can unstake SFI at any time. Unstaking SFI typically takes 14 days. After you apply for unstaking, the amount will be shown under the "Claim" tab. Once the claim button is ready, you can withdraw your TRX by clicking the "Claim" button.

How long does it take for TRX to unstake?

It takes 14 days for TRX to unstake. Three days following the unstaking transaction, users can claim their TRX from the STRX protocol.

I am not able to stake, unstake or claim. What should I do?

If you are having trouble staking, unstaking, or claiming, you can join the STRX FINANCE Telegram group (@strxfinance) and ask for help from the moderators. You can also email support@strx.finance for assistance.

What are the benefits of using STRX.FINANCE?

STRX.FINANCE offers several benefits for TRX holders:

  • Higher staking rewards: The protocol enables TRX holders to earn higher rewards by freezing their tokens and voting for Super Representatives.

  • Liquid staking: SFI Tokens can be easily exchanged for TRX at any time, providing liquidity for staked assets.

  • Additional yield: SFI Token holders can engage in DeFi protocols to earn additional yield on their staked tokens.


STRX.FINANCE has undergone thorough security audits by Techrate and Grox Solutions. The protocol's smart contracts have been rigorously tested and are designed with security in mind.

How do I get started with STRX.FINANCE?

To get started with STRX.FINANCE, follow these steps:

  1. Install a TRON Wallet that supports DAPP browsing, such as TronLink or Trust Wallet.

  2. Deposit TRX into your wallet.

  3. Visit the APP.STRX.FINANCE website and connect your wallet.

  4. Stake TRX into the Staking Pool contract to receive SFI Tokens.

  5. Start earning staking rewards and participating in DeFi opportunities with your SFI Tokens.

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