🪙SFI Token

SFI tokens are the native tokens of the STRX Finance platform. They serve as receipts for the amount of TRX that a user has staked on the platform. By holding SFI tokens, users are entitled to receive a share of the staking rewards and rental income generated by the platform. SFI tokens can be easily bought and sold on supported cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to easily manage their stakes on the platform.


  • Token Structure : Single

  • Token Type : Repricing ( Price change )

  • Token Name: SFI TOKEN ( 100% Backed by TRX )

  • Symbol: SFI

  • Decimals: 6

  • Initial Supply: 0 SFI

  • Service Fee : 10% of Rental & Voting Income ( 0% for first 3 months )

Exchange Rate Model

The SFI/TRX exchange rate is determined based on the amount of TRX reserved in the Staking Pool and the total supply of SFI tokens. This model, inspired by the Compound cToken concept, allows STRX Finance users to issue liquid staked SFI tokens against their TRX deposits. The exchange rate calculation is as follows:

// Reserved TRX = Available TRX Balance of StakingPool + TRX Lent to Resource Manager - Locked TRX in Staking Pool
uint256 reservedTRX = address(this).balance.add(trxLentToManager).sub(totalLockedTRX);

// Now to get the exchange rate of SFI, we need to divide Reserved TRX by Total Supply of SFI.
uint256 rate = reservedTRX / SFI.totalSupply();

Official Contract Address

The official contract address for SFI is: TVGiaML3hJE7sv9NEEVjqLbF5DcXJgHSfy


Symbol: SFI

Decimals : 6

Use Cases

Holding SFI tokens offers several benefits to users:

Staking rewards: Users can earn staking rewards by delegating their TRX to the STRX Finance protocol. DeFi opportunities: SFI holders can engage in DeFi protocols to earn additional yield in addition to their staking payouts. STRX Finance will continue to offer new DeFi use cases for SFI tokens to expose users to a variety of yield prospects. Liquidity provision: Users can provide liquidity to the STRX Finance pools like SunSwap and JustMoney to earn trading fees.

Currently active opportunities:

To earn trading fees, provide liquidity in these pools given below : SFI/TRX SunSwap Pool: https://sunswap.com/#/v2?lang=en-US&t0=T9yD14Nj9j7xAB4dbGeiX9h8unkKHxuWwb&t1=TVGiaML3hJE7sv9NEEVjqLbF5DcXJgHSfy&type=add SFI/USDT SunSwap Pool: https://sunswap.com/#/v2?lang=en-US&t0=TR7NHqjeKQxGTCi8q8ZY4pL8otSzgjLj6t&t1=TVGiaML3hJE7sv9NEEVjqLbF5DcXJgHSfy&type=add SFI/TRX JustMoney Pool: https://just.money/?from=TRX&n=TRON&t=addLiquidity&to=SFI

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