👑TRON Super Representatives

STRX Finance has a strong delegation approach to find the best Super Representatives from the TRON Chain ecosystem. This technique utilizes a SR scoring mechanism to determine the maximum return for our users while ensuring that funds are distributed evenly among the top SRs. When picking the top network validators, the product prioritizes two important factors:


The APR received by delegating votes to Super Representatives is determined by two factors:

Commission Rate: We use SRs with low commission rates to ensure that a larger portion of staking rewards is distributed to users.

Voting Power: The Voting Power for a SR impacts the APR it receives. Super Representatives with a lesser Voting Power are more likely to deliver better rewards.


When voting to SRs on the TRON Chain, users are at risk of missing out and losing a portion of their staked TRX if a validator is slashed. Keeping this in mind, STRX Finance selects our SR set based on the following metrics:

Current Vote: This is an important measure to guarantee that the SR is highly trusted by other TRON Chain users.

History: STRX.FINANCE checks past performance of a SR over the last few months/years. This is also an important measure to get the historical data of a Super Representative.

The scoring mechanism considers both APR and security while calculating a composite score for each active Super Representative on the network.

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