💰Rewards and Fees

Staking rewards are received for delegating TRX to a whitelisted set of Super Representatives. Super Representatives take a portion of the rewards before distributing them to the protocol as claimable tokens. The protocol also produces rental income, by renting out Energy and bandwidth to users in need. The rental revenue and voters rewards are then paid out to users as stated below :

100% of the TRX income goes directly to SFI Token holders in the form of SFI value appreciation: SFI holders' portion of the TRX pool grows as the SFI/TRX exchange rate rises.

Without any fees deducted for the first three months, the protocol receives 100% of the rewards. The protocol fee is maintained by STRX.FINANCE and is intended to assist long-term growth of the STRX Finance ecosystem through activities like as hackathons, awards, bug bounties, and so on.

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