📝Smart Contracts

The STRX Finance ecosystem is powered by several smart contracts that enable its key features and services. This section will provide an overview of the main smart contracts and their functions.

Staking Pool

The core contract for user interaction is the StakingPool contract. This contract is used by users to perform stake / unstake / claim requests, and is also in charge of maintaining the exchange rate of SFI-TRX (c-value).

Official Contract Address : TGrdCu9fu8csFmQptVE25fDzFmPU9epamH

SFI Token

The SFI Token contract includes the design of the SFI token, which is a standard TRC-20 token with zero initial supply.

Official Contract Address : TVGiaML3hJE7sv9NEEVjqLbF5DcXJgHSfy


The STRXRevenue contract has been deployed to manage energy sales fees. This contract collects the fees from energy sales and distributes 90% of the fees to the StakingPool contract on a daily basis.

Official Contract Address : TWisShDfhZGXLy1s5uoWjyyucSKwfkohu7

MultiSig Resource Manager

The MultiSig Resource Manager is a multi-sig wallet with no owner permission; instead, the permission has been divided across STRX FINANCE Validators. The yield for SFI holders is generated by STRX.FINANCE's trusted validators performing required operations which is freeze, unfreeze, borrow and repay TRX.

Official Address : TSTrx3UteLMBdeGe9Edwwi2hLeQCmLPZ5g

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