Extra FAQ

This section includes some FAQs asked by verified SFI holders.

What is it? STRX Finance is a liquid staking protocol where you can stake TRX tokens to get SFI tokens, which are fully backed by your staked TRX and its yield.

What happens with the TRX I deposit? The TRX you deposit is borrowed by the owners of STRX Finance and kept in a safe multisig wallet. Then borrowed TRX is frozen to vote for super representatives and generate voting income, and on top of this, the energy and/or bandwidth received from freezing those TRX are rented to users in need to generate rental income.

How do you distribute the rental and voting income to us? We collect all rental income in a smart contract and distribute it daily to the staking pool (same contract where you staked your TRX), which increases the price of SFI tokens.

How does the price of SFI increase, and what does it mean? All SFI tokens are backed by TRX, so if we have 100 TRX in reserve and 100 SFI supply, that means 1 TRX is equal to 1 SFI. Formula : Price of SFI = Total Reserve of TRX/Total Supply of SFI Price of SFI according to the above example : 100 TRX / 100 SFI = 1 TRX If the TRX reserve increases (due to new rental and voting income) and SFI is at the same supply, the price of SFI will increase again for TRX. Example: 101 TRX/100 SFI = 1.01 TRX

Once I staked some TRX, you would borrow it and use it to earn voting and rental income, then distribute it daily to increase the TRX reserve (which means increasing the SFI price). But how will I benefit from the increased price of SFI? As soon as you stake TRX, you will get SFI tokens in return. To get the benefit, all you have to do is place an unstake request. Once you unstake, your SFI tokens will be burned, and you will be able to claim your SFI at the current market price, which will always be greater than your staked price.

I have staked 100 TRX, but the price of SFI hasn't increased yet. What do I do? First of all, thanks for staking TRX and joining STRX Finance. The price of SFI increases every 24 hours. Also, please be patient and wait for at least 14 days to see a good average return on your investment. For any information or queries, you can join @strxfinance (Telegram).

Where can I see my rewards and earnings? You can check out our analytics dashboard at analytics.strx.finance and enter your wallet address to get your personal stats, including how much you and other users staked in total and how much is your or their profit, or ROI.

I had staked 100 TRX and earned a 4% yield within the first month at an APY of 48%. How do I get back 104 TRX? To get back your TRX with any additional yield, please unstake your SFI and wait for 14 days; then you'll see a claim section where you can claim your TRX. Can I claim the unstaked TRX instantly? Why do I have to wait for 14 days? When we freeze the TRX in reserve, they get locked for 14 days. While they are in a frozen state, we cannot unfreeze them and send them back to the staking pool instantly; thus, we need a waiting period of 14 days to unfreeze the TRX and send them back to the staking pool contract so you can claim them.

Okay, but I need a few TRX urgently; can't you help me on my bad days? Sure, we have an emergency mode option that allows you to withdraw available TRX instantly, but you need to pay 0.5% in fees to use this emergency feature. This fee will be distributed to all SFI holders, so make sure you're not using this feature just for fun. You may also sell SFI on exchanges like "Sunswap" and "Justmoney" at whatever market price to get back more TRX. You can also contact us on Telegram at strxfinance for more help.

The income compounding doesn't happen for every transaction, right? It is correct that income compounding does not happen for every transaction. Instead, it happens every freeze/unfreeze cycle, which lasts for three days. Example: Let's say we have a total of 100 TRX staked with 100 SFI supply. When we freeze 100 TRX, you will receive an income of 1 TRX. After three days, we will unfreeze 100 TRX and then freeze them again along with the additional 1 TRX acquired. If we freeze 101 TRX in this second transaction, we will receive an income of 1.01 TRX, which is now being compounded from the first freeze.

When rental income is generated, does it get split among all SFI holders instantly on every transaction? The income is not split among all holders instantly. Instead, the income is collected in the revenue contract, and then 90% of the total collected income is sent to the staking pool, which increases the price of SFI (which is split amongst all holders), and the remaining 10% of the collected income is sent to the platform fees wallet to keep the platform running.

How do you make profit yourself? We charge you 10% of the voting and rental income generated from your staked TRX. This income helps us to pay for server costs, social media managers, further development, and much more.

When and how can I contact you? You can reach out to us at any time on Twitter (@strxfinance) or Telegram (@strxfinance).

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